13 April 2006
Dream Planet International School,

Let me introduce myself, I am Heather Jackson, a typical American who was brought here by the military. I have been here for 3 ½ years and I still cannot seem to grasp the language or should I say, I haven’t found the time to learn. Anyway, this letter is in regards to your musical S.T.A.R. I had heard about this musical from Bryan Edgar, who happens to be my children’s Judo instructor. He spoke so highly of all the people in this production that I thought I’d go and take my oldest daughter who is 13 and spend some quality time with her. I didn’t think that it was going to be too much fun, due to myself and my daughter not speaking the language fluently. Boy was I ever wrong, read on….

Upon arriving at the musical, my daughter and I thought this was going to be a typical play that we would not be able to understand, due to the dialogue spoken in Japanese. I have to say that I was knocked out of my seat. The beginning of the S.T.A.R. musical gave me a thrill of excitement, and I knew then that this was going to be a fantastic show. I cannot say enough about the characters portrayed in the show. They really got deep into my skin and made me feel like part of the musical.

Let’s take Amy for instance. She is fantastic. Her character came to life! She was the one character that you loved to hate. What I mean is that she was GREAT!

Jun, he was great also. I felt sorry for him to have to put up with a girlfriend like Amy. He played it cool until Amy started to see Ken.

Ken was a terrific break dancer, and his character is someone that I could see on the street everyday, a person with a chip on his shoulder and trying to be someone. Wow, I remember when break dancing was big in the states.

Meg was a beautiful dancer. She was so nice, that I didn’t focus on her much. I was all into the tension that was rising within the trio between Amy, Jun, and Ken.

J.J., she was the happy go lucky one, beautiful, kind and always smiling. She made life look so easy, and in real life it’s like that for some.

Then there was Nick. What can I say about Nick? He was hilarious and always making the best out of any situation. I feel that I can relate myself to Nick. I am always trying to stay positive in any situation, although I have my weak points. Great job Nick!

Last but not least, Joey, who moved me to tears when she sang “One Moment in Time”. I had chills. Her character is many that I have seen before in school, but there was something about her that made me want more of her. Maybe it’s because I was that one geek who never stood out and no one took me seriously. She took an idea and put it together, getting everyone involved in a musical of her own.

Just one last thing that I need to explain to the S.T.A.R Musical cast, and everyone else behind the scenes, even though I do not speak Japanese, I could actually follow the dialogue and feel as if I were part of your musical. You made me feel as if I were the only one in the theater that evening. My daughter said to me that this musical was better than the ones she has been to in the states. I don’t think that I could ever get up there and shine like you all did. Next time, I think that you should do the musical for more than one evening. I would pay to come see it a second time. I can’t say enough about S.T.A.R., except keep on changing lives with your talent!

Many thanks,
Heather Jackson

Dream Planet International Schoolのみなさんへ  April 13, 2006

まずは自己紹介させてください。私の名前はHeather Jackson、よくある話ですが米軍の関係で沖縄に住むことになりました。日本に来て3年半になりますが、未だに日本語が掴めず、というより学ぶ時間すらなくここまで来ました。あなた方のミュージカル「S.T.A.R.」について書きたくてペンを取りました。このミュージカルの話は、子供に柔道を教えてくれているBryan Edgarから聞きました。彼があまりに熱く語るので、子供と一緒に何かするという意味も兼ねて、一番上の娘(13歳)を連れて観に行くことにしました。私も娘も日本語が話せないため、正直楽しめるのかどうか、あまり期待はしていませんでした。だがどれほどに間違っていたことか…。








そして最後にJOEY。彼女が “ONE MOMENT IN TIME”を歌ったときは泣かされました。鳥肌が立った。彼女みたいな子は私も学校でたくさん見てきたけれど、JOEYに関してはもっと知りたいと思った。何故だろう。私自身が彼女みたいに目立たず、誰にも相手にされない子だったからかもしれない。でも彼女には発想があって、みんなのまとめ役として自分のミュージカルを生み出した。


Heather Jackson
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